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We are a specialized developer, manufacturer and distributor of chemical reagent and fine chemical products. Our company is headquartered in Beijing and owns a 30,000-square-meter factory in the Industrial Park of Gu'an County, Hebei Province.

We offer a variety of reagents and chemical products. Our flagship product is color coupler for Lucky Film, China's largest non-foreign camera film provider.

We are trusted by our suppliers, business partners and customers as a reputable businessman, and our products have been well accepted by customers for the high quality and affordable pricing we offer. Thanks to our partnership with some major logistics service companies in Beijing, customers across China can expect the fastest delivery possible.

The purpose of our company: satisfy customer's needs by offering quality products and services they demand.

Add: Room 1004,Langting Building B,
No.8 Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.





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Add: Room 1004,Langting Building B,No.8 Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Fax: +86-10-51413677
Tel: +86-10-85801321, 85801322, 85801612, 85801613, 85801614
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